Welcome to Timbit. Home of the two-faced Mandy and another character who seems.... peculiar.

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>tfw no room in campsite


// yanichiiii​ i did the thing


A Town Tune I’ve had for a year now. 

Based off the melody in Onett’s theme from the game Earthbound/Mother 2.


i love dora so much!! ; ;

texture pretty much did all of the job in this doodle haha


im sorry but im not



for solar-crossing 

I really wanted to practice drawing people but!!! I love Stitches okay so quick doodle sorry//

this is super cute omfg


I love my new shirt omg

More Gang AU shit

Loopy does the dirty work for Mandy by either injuring people who need to pay their dues for that multiple bullet removal or that severed finger reattachment. And she tends to catch herself in between gang territories and she has to fight her way out (it isn’t hard)

Not pictured is her iron bat with a giant nail in it. ouo

Also her bandana has “death” in kanji bc sweg

Timbit’s been updated once again!

DREAM ADDRESS: 5400-2245-6471

Theme: Creepy/Gloomy

A gloomy town that was once a quarantined area for nuclear poisoning from a nearby power plant but is now otherwise normal, cicadas chirp as you explore the secrets and pasts of Timbit’s human residents. A Mayor who is vicious towards any outsider, and a girl who unwittingly has moved back to a town she had been forced to abandon but now has no memory having lived there previously. The mayor’s own dark secrets lurk in this quiet town, it is up to the visitor to find them.

Hint: A wetsuit is buried in the town, but you will need Loid’s shovel to find it. It’s crucial to fully experiencing the dream.

Town tune has been changed as well. Maybe you’ll recognize it?

(click the photos for captions)


just wanted to draw my newest neighbors..! I love them.

also oops